The Four Most Important Steps to Launching a Tech Startup 

These four steps could save you hundreds of ⏰, thousands of ?, and finally give you some relief from information overload.


Funding, Acceleration or Development

Plain and simple…these are the goals. These 10 pages expose your  fastest path to cash! 


Foundation First

Building a skyscraper on shaky ground guarantees one thing – a disaster. A solid foundation supports long-term growth.. 


Order Matters

First-time founders often complete steps out of order and waste precious MET (money, energy and time). Follow the path!  


First-Timer Mistakes

100% you’re going to make mistakes…we all did. But I already made a ton of them so you don’t have to. 


Every Unicorn Starts as an Idea

Lots of people have ideas – it’s how you nurture, feed, and grow your idea that matters. Start building your unicorn today!

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